Friday, December 10, 2010

Update - Holidays!

Hey All!

So yeah, work always gets rather busy around Christmas (I work with the disabled, in case your vaguely curious) and as such I ain't going to be able to write any articles until maybe mid-January. I have been very eager for Christmas this year and plan to use this break to the full!

The Question We All Must Ask

It's been one hell of year. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year one of the stranger, more stressful and more exciting years of my 24 years on this Earth thus far. Sadly out of respect to all my friends, nearly all my stories from this year are sadly off-limits. To add to the strangeness (& for those of you who don't live in Ireland) this has been happening.

Either That Or Snow, Although We All Know It Doesn't Snow In Ireland.

Time to plan how to get home to the country without dying on dodgy bendy country roads.

So all going well, until next time!

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