Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Worst Films Of 2010

Hey all!

As another year has ended and Santa still hasn’t brought me my Megazoid I asked for 14 years ago (bastard). As such dark thoughts fill my otherwise festive mind and I am reminded that 2010 wasn’t all that giving a year either. Oh don’t get me wrong, there were good films (and a whole other list, surprisingly entitled ‘The Best of 2010’, will look at that one in more detail) but for the most part, fuck last year.

2011 Will Hopefully Be Made Up Entirely Of Breasts, Steak And The Beast-Master Musical From Robot Chicken

We saw once great directors prove they may be past their prime (Kevin Smith), bad directors prove they are not past being bad (M. Night Shyamalan) and some sexist nonsense (Sex in the City 2) ended up making triple the amount of money in the box office that bona-fide masterpieces like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World made.

All films on the list had to get even a limited cinematic release in Ireland between January 1st to December 31st 2010. I’ll be releasing the worst of list at one film a day until we reach number one, then taking a brief break before doing the best of list in a similar fashion. Also since I obviously didn’t see every film due to work, relationships and having a life, I may have missed a film or two. Please feel free to point out what an absolute failure this makes me, not just at reviewing but at life in general and how this is only further evidence that I will die cold and alone.

Oh and happy New Year guys!

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