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Film - Best Worst Moments (Accents Edition No.3) - The Room - Johnny Doth Protest Too Much

Best Worst Scenes (Accents) No.3 - Johnny is being torn apart by accusations in The Room

Guilty Parties - Tommy Wiseau (But also that skank Lisa).

Part 3 of our list at Ranticular of the best worst accents is the most recent and arguably the most famous. The Room has become a cult phenomenon since it's release in 2003. Widely regarded (not entirely without merit) as being one of the worst films of all time, it suffers from an awful script, numerous pointless scenes and some spectacularly bad acting. Every character on that poster has a line or moment that would be priceless in any other film. Their powers combined, the resulting film is insanely enjoyable.

A major part of what makes the film work is Tommy Wiseau, script-writer, director, lead actor (playing main character Mark) and winner of the John Romero outstanding male hair award. It is worth noting that Tommy is not trying to play his character with an accent but simply uses his regular speaking voice. It is hilarious. As you will see Johnny can't speak English without sounding like Pepe Le Pew after an all night whiskey bender. I couldn't ignore his performance because his bizarre speech pattern and slurred words add so much comedy to an already inane and amusing production.

Poor Tommy also can't act so when you let him try to convey emotions... I'll let this scene segment speak for itself. His character Johnny discovers his girlfriend Lisa has been lying about him and comes out on the rooftop to vent, meeting his friend Mark up there. Firstly here is the scene transcribed as it sounds in The Room. Johnny's lines are underlined to highlight them. I respect that some of you will call this cheating as this is an actors accent as opposed to a characters. Pity I don't care.

Johnny : Aye did naht Hitler, iz nah't thru. Izz Bowlsheet. I de-add Naht Heat Hur. I dee-addd Naaaaht. Oh Hai Muark.

Mark : Oh hey Johnny. What's up?

Johnny : Ey-e av ah problemm wit Le-iza, she say'd det I heat hur.

Mark : What?! Well, did you?

Johnny : Nooo iz nah thru donin evan h-ask! Whaz nehw wid hugh?

Mark : Well I'm just sitting up here thinking you know?

Mark seems remarkably calm considering his friend is obviously on some powerful horse tranquilizers and can barely speak. Check out the scene here and before you laugh at poor Johnny's pain... call a friend over. That way you can both laugh. If there are any problems with the viewer below, there is an external link here.

See you tomorrow at 4pm for more high-larious accents, til then!

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